Officially jumping into the professional film acting business in 2015, Peter has enjoyed an assortment of great successes. Below is a glimpse of several projects he has had the honor of participating in.  Please check out the Narrative and Commercial section for more of his acting under the SAP umbrella, as well has the About page for a detailed look at his biography.

Peter Herold Acting Reel

Acting reel comprised of several projects Peter had the honor of performing in.  

The Casket

Three estranged brothers receive word that their wealthy, powerful father has died. He left them everything in his will, but under one condition: they return to their childhood home and build his casket from scratch, together. Under the supervision of their father’s unorthodox lawyer, the brothers must put their differences aside, bury their past and remember what brotherhood is all about. (click here to learn more about the film).

Force Touch

When four friends discover a smartphone that takes pictures of the future, things go from bad to worse as their darkest secrets are revealed.

Shadows of Hidden Hill

Web horror series about an ancient curse on the town of Hidden Hill.