Narrative Film

Peter's unique perspective, as a director and producer, have opened the door for Avenoir Road to create poignant, engaging stories.  Narrative filmmaking is our bread and butter.  Below, one finds several links.  Some are password protected, because they are currently in the festival market and aren't allowed to be publicly accessed.  No fear!  If you contact us, we are ecstatic to privately provide passwords to view our work.  

Kid Brother 

Kid Brother tells the story of Aaron, whose lonesome life gets shaken up with a surprise visit from his 19 year old brother, Jared. Hoping to reconnect with their absentee father, Jared enlists Aaron’s assistance discovering his current whereabouts. As the brothers learn to connect again, they find that, despite their many differences, family is family.

Avenoir Road scored a big win with it's first feature film, 'Kid Brother' (2017).

'Kid Brother' is currently playing at select theaters in South East Michigan, with later theatrical dates, as well as online and VOD access, to be announced soon!

Midnight Light

When two estranged friends meet after years of separation, the trials of time and chance threaten to destroy a lifelong bond.

Peter's first solo directing film brought some wonderful success.  Completed for the Detroit 48 Hour Film Festival, 'Midnight Light' took home:

  • Best Directing

  • Best Acting

  • Audience Choice Award

  • Best Film In Genre

Peter's first directing award, he is humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to work with such an talented group of people.


Directed by Detroit artists Steve Weed & Drew Williams, Residents tells the story of family, and the sacrifices one makes to secure their safety.  Peter played his first villainous role for the film, and Avenoir Road associate produced it.

Cycle of the Blessed

Best of Show Winner - 2016 YPSI 24-Hour Shootout.  

Colin and Elise are determined to rescue Pruitt from a mysterious cult, but with time against them and lives in the balance, have they bit off more than they can chew?


The first short film by Peter Herold & Jack Anderson. 

Robin helps Elliot reveal life’s many mysteries; but with Elliot on the brink of no return, is it too late for the both of them?